Thursday, September 17, 2009


DORIS, a girl singer, mixed race, from 16 to 41.
VIC WATTS, a record producer, white, from 22 to 47.
RICHARD WAGNER, a composer, around 50.
LUDWIG II, King of Bavaria, 18. (To be played by a young woman.)
MR. CAMPANI, a dapper teacher, early 40s.

Wednesday, 9/23 from 7 - 11 PM
Thursday, 9/24 from 7 - 11 PM
Friday, 9/25 from 3 - 6 PM
Callbacks will take place all day 9/26.

Stuart Theatre (inside Faunce House)

If you can, sign-up for an audition time in advance at the Leeds Breezeway bulletin board. Audition slots on Friday are currently full, but there are plenty of slots still available on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

Unsure of your schedule? Feel free to stop by Stuart at any time on Wednesday or Thursday night and audition on the spot. If you want to audition and Friday afternoon is the only time you're available, please contact us at and we'll work it out.

No preparation necessary. Sides will be provided.

NOTE: You are STRONGLY encouraged to read the play beforehand. To secure a copy of the script, please e-mail

NOTE: All plays cast under the supervision of the Department of Theatre Arts and Performance Studies at Brown University are cast without regard to race, color or ethnic identity except when such identity is central to the production's thematic content.

...oh, and did we mention JORDAN HARRISON is coming up to work on the production in rehearsal?!

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